About Me

Lance embodies a unique blend of experience and expertise deeply rooted in our community. With a background in Marketing for Global 500 companies, he brings a profound understanding of business needs to his role as a commercial realtor. Leveraging extensive training in commercial real estate and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Lance is well-prepared to navigate complex transactions with precision. As a member of both the Atlanta and DeKalb Board of Commercial Realtors, Lance remains deeply connected to the local real estate landscape, offering invaluable insights and expertise to his clients.

Lance Hammonds
Coldwell Banker Commercial Metro Brokers

My Services


Tenant Representation – As a CBC Metro Brokers agent, I develop customized real estate solutions for multi-market and local requirements when leasing or subleasing commercial space. With an in-depth knowledge and understanding of today’s business climate, I work with you to identify commercial space perfectly suited for your specific business objectives.

Site Selection – Using market expertise and data-driven analytics, I help select the ideal site for your business. I leverage CBC Metro Brokers resources to evaluate the characteristics of the region and ensure the needs of your project match the development’s location.


Landlord Representation – I understand tenant needs and use that knowledge to position and lease properties for landlords more effectively. As a CBC Metro Brokers agent, I work with our team of client-focused, results-driven advisors that can help you reduce occupancy costs and increase profitability as a landlord.

Business Brokerage – Whether you’re looking to sell your business or are looking to expand by purchasing an existing business, the team at CBC Metro Brokers are here to assist you in valuation, marketing, negotiations, and closing the deal. We operate under strict procedures to protect your proprietary information and ensure confidentiality.


With over 11,000 listings in the CBC network, I am here to help you discover the investment property that perfectly suits your portfolio. I am dedicated to addressing the specific needs of investors and developers that reduce expenses, drive value to your bottom line, and empower you to make informed decisions through targeted market information.
By leveraging my extensive expertise and resources, I can streamline your search for the perfect investment property, saving you valuable time and effort. With my in-depth understanding of local and global real estate markets, I can identify lucrative opportunities and provide valuable insights to help you make sound investment choices.

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