As far as the eye can see, as far as your imagination can take you, the Coldwell Banker Commercial network will lead the way toward new horizons. We facilitate the acquisition or disposition of commercial land, agricultural and agribusiness land, pasture, groves or timberland. We also conduct due diligence for zoning, land use, environmental and other governmental and regulatory approvals, while acting as liaison with government agencies such as the Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Transportation. Our professionals provide knowledge on area growth patterns and restrictions as well.

Approaches to Land Investments

Buy & Hold

You hold onto it in hope that the land becomes more valuable and you can sell it to a developer

Buy & Flip

You buy a piece of land, go through the entitlement process yourself, and then flip it to a developer. The entitlement process will involve legally changing the zoning for a plot of land


You buy a vacant piece of land and rent it to neighboring businesses or households


You buy with the intention of developing it yourself

Land Investment Considerations

Before investing in land, consider the following items. Prospective landowners should undertake a comprehensive due-diligence assessment BEFORE deciding to purchase land.


Land-use restrictions may curtail the manner in which the land can be used by the owner

Riparian and
Littoral Rights

Stipulating the access that the landowner has to adjacent waterways

Property Tax

Annual property-tax obligation; likelihood of reassessment after purchase?

Aerial or
Mineral Rights

Grants an unrelated party the authorization to extract and sell minerals for financial gain


Access to basic utilities such as electricity or telecommunications


Remoteness of the land from the landowner, as well as from the nearest community


Land easements may grant access to a portion of the property to an unrelated party


Lay of the land may dictate if it lies in a flood plain, which would greatly impact the manner in which the land could be utilized


Potential for trespassing violations