About Me

Lance's journey is a testament to his deep roots within our vibrant community. Beyond his role as a commercial realtor, he embodies a multifaceted approach that enriches every aspect of his work. With a career initially steeped in Agricultural and Industrial Chemical Marketing for Global 500 companies, Lance brings a unique perspective to the real estate table.

His experience in handling logistics and storage of hazardous materials, coupled with his involvement in developing a vessel terminal at the port of Savannah, underscores his commitment to understanding the intricate needs of businesses within our community. For Lance, it's not just about transactions; it's about fostering sustainable economic success for both our community and his clients.

Recognized as a community organizer in the Metro Atlanta area, Lance has tirelessly worked to bridge the gap between developers and community groups. His efforts have consistently resulted in win-win outcomes, demonstrating his dedication to fostering positive relationships and driving collective prosperity.

Leveraging his extensive training in commercial real estate, Lance is well-equipped to utilize all available resources for his clients' benefit. His academic background, including a BS degree in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Redlands, coupled with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, provides him with a unique blend of expertise to navigate complex real estate transactions effectively.

As a member of both the Atlanta and DeKalb Board of Commercial Realtors, Lance remains deeply connected to the pulse of our local real estate landscape. With his unwavering commitment to excellence and community-driven approach, Lance continues to be a trusted ally for those seeking to navigate the ever-evolving commercial real estate market in our region.